Users change iPhone every three years. What happened?

IPhone owners were much less likely to change their smartphones for a new one. This conclusion was made by experts from Strategy Analytics after the study in the United States. According to analysts, many users are willing to go with older phones, simply because they do not see any objective reasons to buy new models. It is difficult not to agree with it for everyday transactions is enough and the iPhone 6s.

Older iPhone models still show good

The study was conducted with several groups of target audience. All were interviewed about 2,500 people.

Experts Strategy Analytics are sure that the life cycle of smartphones has increased significantly — now, consumers are changing their iPhone on average once every 33 months, although earlier the figure was less than two years. This is due to several factors.

The contents

The high price of flagship devices

In 2017, Apple released the first iPhone, which has crossed the psychological mark of $ 1,000. This pricing policy could not be ignored: the company is really set a prohibitively high price. But if two years ago it was still possible to justify advanced technology, the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max we have not seen anything innovative, the price remains the same. As a consequence, the drop in sales has not kept itself waiting.

The relevance of the iPhone 6s, 2019

iOS 12 breathed life into older devices — the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE and to this day work very adequately. And this despite the fact that Apple has officially turned the sales of these smartphones. Of course, in speed they are inferior to the flagship, but the difference is not as significant as it might seem at first glance. And if all works well — if the point in buying a new device? The answer is obvious.

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Bargain battery replacement iPhone

In 2017 Apple acknowledged in slowing down the iPhone worn out battery and started the program of preferential replacement of the batteries, which operated all the year 2018. Users around the world could put the original battery for sane money — $ 29 or 1600-2000 rubles in Russia. Many took advantage of this opportunity — it is much easier to spend a small amount than buying a flagship camera for more than a thousand dollars.

The lack of innovation

We all know Apple as a company offering the most groundbreaking and cutting-edge solutions. But last year, revelations never happened — iPhone XS iPhone XS Max has an improved camera and faster processor Apple A12 Bionic. And that, in fact, everything. Is it enough to change a new smartphone? Of course not. Many Chinese manufacturers now offer more innovation than Apple. Alas.

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For the sake of justice it is worth noting that the life cycle is higher and the competition. For example, the Samsung smartphone is now changing every two years, while previously this figure was 16.5 months.

Experts believe that to encourage the purchase of new models will help only the widespread introduction of networks of the fifth generation. This means that the global smart phone market will show explosive growth in 2020.

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