Users began to upgrade iOS phantom 12

This morning the participants of the program pre-testing iOS are faced with the so-called “phantom” update. About it told readers. The problem manifests itself in the form of a cyclic notification about the availability of the next beta version of iOS 12, which actually does not exist.

A notification informing about the necessity to install the actual iOS as 12, includes a single button “Close”, but does not contain the path to update. According to users, a window with a proposal to update may occur regardless of the performed task and revision number of the installed beta.

How to fix?

While ways to repair does not exist. Perhaps tonight Apple to release an update to prevent sending notifications, or stop them remotely. In any case, taking any action yourself, you risk not only not fix the situation, but — on the contrary — only to aggravate it.

This is the second significant glitch in the beta version of iOS 12. The first happened with the release of the seventh Assembly, which Apple was forced to withdraw after a few hours of release. Then users complained about poor response of the interface of the operating system and delays in opening regular and third-party applications.

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