User for a smart watch Apple Watch rejects lawsuit against Apple for

Apple Watch

Like most devices, it comes a time when a scratch, this is the reason that Screen Protectors are still considered a necessary accessory and are common too. But in the case of smart watch Apple Watch, it seems that the owner of the one named Dean Lubaki of Canada decided to enter on his watch smart use of my filing a lawsuit against Apple.

In particular, it seems that the young 21-year-old, the Dean Lubaki outraged about the marketing campaign for Apple, which claims that the smart watch Apple Watch resists scratches ” brilliantly ” he thinks that Apple watch smart is not resistant to scratches but is in fact more prone to scratches.

He pointed out that the loop of the magnetic belt melanin the device itself is of cause the scratches for a smart watch Apple Watch, stated Dean Lubaki by saying : ” the fact that the backend for the smart watch Apple Watch will attract the throat which leads to create the effect of abrasion without the knowledge of the consumer that it is happening because of a flaw in the design. Corrosion can occur the same on the screen when you remove the belt to change it. Again, you didn’t say Apple anywhere, that the solutions may cause damage to Mr. smart “.

Try Dean Lubaki replacement H his smart in one of the Apple stores official but his request was rejected even though he bought the plan, AppleCare. After that, decided to confront Apple in court, he is now seeking to recover the money it spent to buy the Apple Watch Edition, and a +AppleCare, along with punitive damages and compensatory for the ” mental stress, time wasted and expenses that have occurred due to this issue. “ I offered the Apple to Dean Lubaki then replaced his watch smart, as well as provide free accessory for him, but he rejected the offer.


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