Use the clipboard on a Mac with a mind

Automator can rightly be called one of the most underrated apps on macOS. Alas, many users are not aware of the hidden possibilities of this utility. Nevertheless, the potential inherent in the program is really huge. Today we will talk about simple ways that will make the clipboard more comfortable and productive.

The clipboard on macOS it is difficult to call the functional — operating system stores only one copied a piece of text. But to extend its capabilities by using Automator. Today we’ll show you how to save the text from the clipboard into a text file and also share a simple method that will allow you to view the contents of the clipboard before the copy.

Convert copied text to a text file

  • The first thing we need to run the Automator app. This can be done through Spotlight, or in any other convenient way;

  • In the opened window select “New document”, specifying the section “Quick action”;

  • It is necessary to use search and find the item “to contents of clipboard”. Drag in the workspace of the program;

  • Referring again to the search and find “New text file”.
  • Now you need to specify the name of the document, its future location, as well as the original formatting;
  • You’re done! Reserve our action.

Once in the clipboard, save the text, choose “Services” and specify in the generated script. After that, the fragment is automatically converted into a text document in a previously specified location.

Viewing the clipboard

  • Launching an eponymous app to automate actions;
  • In the “document Type”, select the “Quick action”;
  • Now we need to find a process “to contents of clipboard”. For this we can use search;
  • Add the process in the right part of the application;
  • Contact your search and find the item “Set value of variable”;
  • Move to the workspace and specify the variable name “Buffer”;
  • Next, you need to re-use the search and find process “Show notification”;
  • Specify the first heading “clipboard Contents”;
  • In the “Message” are added a variable “Buffer”;

  • Save the service via the menu or using the shortcut Command + S. Give it an appropriate name.

For convenience, it remains only to assign the key combination:

  • Go to “System settings” — “Keyboard” — “shortcut keys”;
  • Select menu “Services”;
  • Finding our quick action, assign your own key combination.

You’re done! Now view the contents of the buffer using a given combination. The result will be displayed in a simple notification.

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