Use has arrived computers that hold 128GB RAM

The use of laptops with a RAM of 128 GB because it is coming, with Lenovo today for your ThinkPad P52, which features besides the memory capacity random these large-scale features storage up to 6 TB of storage, and a 15.6-inch 4K resolution processor and hexa-core processors third generation of Intel card graphics from Nvidia Quadro P3200.

It includes the ThinkPad P52 also on two areas of the Thunderbolt and HDMI 2.0, a mini DisplayPort, three USB Type-A, and the outlet of the headset, and the Ethernet port. The police haven’t commented on pricing yet, but is likely to try to compete for the new laptops that supports 128 GB of RAM from Dell.

Features computer, Dell Precision 7530 and Precision 7730 screen 4K resolution are available at prices that begin from 1199 USD (4500 SAR/AED ), and all these portable devices equipped with virtual reality, of course, and providing them with the latest memory modules from Samsung that allows the owner of the laptop to increase the capacity and speed without the power consumption, so it seems that laptops with 16 GB of RAM nearing its end, with the arrival of memory, the new devices of the consumer standard.

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