US technology companies facing claims not to sell facial recognition technology to the government

The face of dozens of groups competent by the law and the rights of users a message to companies Amazon parking download Microsoft demanding them to pledge not to sell facial recognition technology to the U.S. government.

Included the letter about 90 a range of rights, including the EFF and the American Civil Liberties Union and others. The letter puts pressure on the largest US technology companies which developed facial recognition technologies.

And the message that we are now at a crossroads with the control meal, according to the option that will make these technology companies, it we can determine if future generations stop of the monitor via fingerprint, facial or not.

This means that the technical companies if you decided to sell the data imprint of the face of the government, thus they can learn all the details about the participants of the demonstrations area or invite opposition.

She acknowledged all of the Microsoft parking the possibility of misuse of this technology for surveillance, where they announced Google last month they wouldn’t sell the technique until you close all the gaps through which they could misuse the technology.

For its part demanded that Microsoft and the U.S. Congress to develop legislation needed to prevent abuse of the process such as asking the permission of the court at the desire of the government to track people. As for Amazon, they seek to make a deal with the Pentagon, the US $ 10 million to take advantage of its service cloud, which includes as a part of facial recognition technology.

As Nicole Ozer, director of the American union for Civil Liberties pessimistic about corporate actions and demands more where that history has taught us that governments must control the use of this technique to target ethnic and religious minorities, and persons based on color or refugees.

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