Us lawmakers are asking Google to review its relations with Huawei

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Recently, you’ve probably heard about the exciting ZTE Corporation of China to the wrath of the American government to the extent imposed by the ban on the import of components from American companies, although the Chinese company has succeeded in reaching an agreement with the country of Uncle Sam. However, it seems that the company ZTE is the only Chinese company established by the Government of America in mind.

In a new report from news agency Reuters, it seems that Huawei may be a Chinese company the following. Request of some legislators from the Google system in its relationship with Huawei, which claims that it represents ” a security threat “. In a letter sent to the CEO of Google, expressed Senator everyone Experian Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio, and everyone Experian Michael Conaway and Liz Cheney, and the Democratic Dutch Ruppersberger about the ” disappointment ” towards the company.

Came in this letter : ” while we regret the unwillingness of Google to continue the tradition of a long and fruitful cooperation between military companies and technology partners, we are disappointed the biggest being Google is more willing it seems to support the Communist Party of China instead of the US Army “. This comes shortly after the emergence of reports that explained that Google decided not to renew its contract with the US Army in the aftermath of the wrath of their employees because of the potential use of Artificial Intelligence Technology to the company in the UAV.

Having said that, this is not the first targeting us lawmakers Huawei. The company had planned in the past to do a big push in the United States of America through the launch of its smart phones in the country in collaboration with telecommunications companies, but these plans may have been derailed in the end.


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