US judge rejects lawsuit against Google on the photo service affiliate

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A judge dismissed a US lawsuit filed by consumers on the company Google, they claimed that the services share and store images of the company violate their privacy, has emerged as the next rejection, the transfer of “harm concrete”.

And the District Judge of America, Edmund Chang, in the state of Chicago Google note to get a judgment brief, saying that the court lacks “jurisdiction ratione materiae because the plaintiffs did not learn the harm is material.”

The suit was filed in the month of March 2016, claimed that Google Inc. contravened the law of the state of Illinois by collecting and storing biometric data of images of people using facial recognition software without permission through the service “Google Images” Google Photos.

According to court documents, he sought the plaintiffs to obtain more than $ 5 million collectively for the benefit of “hundreds of thousands” of the state’s population affected. WordPress in court documents that the plaintiffs requested from the court the amount of $ 5,000 for each intentional violation of the law of privacy of the biometric information in the state of Illinois or $ 1000 for each violation of neglect.

For its part, argued Google in court documents that the plaintiffs are not entitled to any financial compensation or relief restraining, because they didn’t actually damage any of them.

The gate Arab News Technical US judge rejects lawsuit against Google on the service, the affiliate images

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