US Department of Commerce may ease restrictions on Huawei to help their existing customers

She said the US Commerce Department on Friday: she may ease soon, restrictions on the company Huawei, following the inclusion of the Chinese company within the Black List in the United States, which hinders the work of the company and their existing customers.

A spokeswoman for the Commerce Department – which ceased effectively the ability of Huawei to purchase parts and components made in the United States: she’s thinking about issuing a general license temporarily “to prevent interruption of network operations and equipment, current”. The purpose of this resolution certain companies, and providers of mobile phone services in areas with low population density in the United States, Private companies that bought equipment from Huawei in recent years.

It will allow the Ministry of Commerce of Huawei to purchase goods of the United States; so you can help existing customers to maintain network reliability and equipment, but the decision to ban the sale of parts and components made in the United States, which allow for design of new products continues.

Comes permit the U.S. Department of Commerce after the president signed Donald Trump on Wednesday on an executive order announcing a national emergency, it prevented the American companies from the use of telecommunications equipment, which is manufactured by companies that pose a risk to national security, that is Huawei.

Believes Washington that the equipment manufactured by Huawei could be used by Chinese state development. In contrast denied Huawei these allegations more than once.

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Has attacked the Huawei decision to Trump the inclusion of its technology in the Black List, she said that this ban will not make the United States safer or stronger, but will make it late in the race to the fifth generation.

Referred to to read Trump gives the U.S. Department of Commerce the authority to stop the transactions, which are perceived to be a threat to national security, a move widely seen as effectively ban on Huawei.

Andannounced the US Department of commerce it will add Huawei and Seven affiliate to the so-called “list of entities”, which means prevent them from buying components from U.S. companies, without the consent of the government. However, as a company major to manufacture of communication equipment all over the world, but it is heavily dependent on its suppliers the Americans, giving the United States considerable scope to amend the work of the Chinese company.

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