Urgent: Huawei issued her first statement after the ban of the Android

The company issued Huawei Chinese her first statement after receiving a strong blow was the withdrawal of a license its operating system mobile devices Android by Google in response to the demands of the American government, but the statement leaves the door open to ask more questions than answer on what’s going on in the minds of the users.

Became Huawei’s global force in the smart phone industry is fast, and has grown at a significant rate to become the second largest smartphone vendor in the world behind Samsung.

The police confirmed, through a statement which was sent via email to the site The Verge, for their contributions to the growth of the Android world, where Huawei has achieved in the previous period significant sales in the field of smart phones operating system Android, while vendors of smart phones others are retreating.

Reassuring statement the current owners for Huawei and its sub-brand – Honor – she will continue to receive security updates and after-sales service, this includes the awareness of the phones that were shipped, besides the existing hardware currently in stores around the world, without making promises additional exceed it.

She said Huawei in a statement: Huawei made great contributions to the development and growth of the Android platform in all over the world, as one of the global partners key to the Android system, we have worked closely with the open source development of an ecosystem benefiting users and the industry.

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Completed the Chinese company’s statement saying: will continue to Huawei to provide security updates and after-sales service for all products smart phones and tablets the current of Huawei, Hunan, Honor, covering those that have been sold which are still in the stores and on the world level.

Noted Chinese giant that it is ready to build an ecosystem safe and sustainable in order to provide the best experience for all users worldwide.

Google has reported that owners of the Huawei phones will keep their access to the Google Play Store, with the ability to update their apps, but the big question regarding the future impacts of the decision, and phones more Android OS updates from Google.

The Huawei used years ago to contain the loss of access to the software and services of U.S. companies such as Google and Microsoft, has developed a system by operating local alternative to the Android system, may be this is what you’re implying the police in the last paragraph of her statement when she said she will continue to build an ecosystem that is safe and sustainable.

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