Urgent .. give Facebook instead and WhatsApp around the world for the second time in a month

A number of users around the world to network, Facebook social, and its other services, including Instagram andWhatsApp, are experiencing interruptions in service, which is a discontinuity of the second of the company and its services in about a month.

Said users affected by the interruption of the service they couldn’t access the Facebook instead, with the rejection of the page “latest news” refreshes, and shows a link facebook.com it is not available. With regard to the service Instant Messaging WhatsApp, according to users affected by the outage that the messages don’t send and don’t use.

And shows that interruption in the services Facebook has started at 13:30 GMT Mecca, which is the second after the break, similar to Facebook enter old the WhatsApp on 13 March last, the long interruption, which attributed Facebook to change in server configuration, for a few hours.

According to the website “down its” Down Detector, specializing in the monitoring of service disruptions for sites electronic, the 17% of users have suffered the interruption of full service, while reported 19% of their inability to login, and 62% of the problem in the “latest news”.

And also reported by users of various countries around the world, they suffer from the problem, from different continents, including Algeria, Malta, and the United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, and the United States.

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