Updates Fort Knight let the dead return to life

Enabled fighting game “Fort Knight” in the new version v8.30 of last Wednesday, the players have the possibility of the revival of their colleagues in the team after the elimination, and return the players who have been re-eyes on the surface of the car, but without the armor and weapons so on their colleagues to protect them so they wouldn’t die again.

The players say the revival of their colleagues using the card restart, which will be among the spoils when the elimination of the player and to get them and your colleague back to life and you have to use it from the enemy and then move to the car to restart, and can use the card Revival only once.

And the company “Epic Games” developer fighting game most famous in the world, “Fort Knight”, which brings the number of its players to 250 million players to add continuous updates to the game to make it more fun and exciting.

Besides the possibility of revival colleagues added to the game “Fort Knight” in the new version v8.30 some of the nurses, where they were fixed the problem of not using the energy weapons one properly the time of targeting, as the problem has been fixed infected players from back when firing pirate cannon up.

One of the problems that have been fixed in the new version also damage the path of the projectile fixed bombs if the player is connected to clinger’s entry in a game of baller which was constantly occur in the previous versions, as well as the problem of non-appearance of Boom Bow with the option to Visualize Sound Effects, and also solved the problem of the effects of shell Boom Bow, which fly through enemies.

The developer company “Epic Games” they experience improvements in the new version which makes the game even bigger for the natural, and the size of the new update to 4.06 GB on the Xbox One, and 3.9 GB on the PlayStation 4, and 6.93 GB on the PC.

Released the game “Fort Knight” in July 2017. And it’s set in contemporary Earth, where it disappears 98% of the world’s population because of the sudden emergence capital of the world and the 2% remaining of the humans being attacked by zombies, and players are fighting those creatures to complete the tasks assigned to them using the weapons and build traps, and the player gets the rewards after the completion of the tasks allows them to improve the specification of the battery and support the arsenal of peace.

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