Updates facebook and the desire to disturb the industry news online

The beginning of this year I decided to facebook that it’s time to change the site’s policies to help in the Elimination of the biggest problem facing this area is the giant, namely, the news is fake.

The decision taken by the management of Mark Zuckerberg end up shocking everyone, which is the Suppression of publications of the public pages and give absolute priority to the publication of friends and family and relatives.

The company said Facebook, then she wants to go back to her old namely the focus on creating communication between people, creating positive relationships between people and healthy communities.

Justified its decision by saying that the publications page of the public don’t like a lot of users as it make them feel bad and they enter in points is useful, not to mention it is a rich source of news, false and misleading information.

He explained the company’s Investors and shareholders that the step is the announcement to withdraw from the news of the lucrative, which brings the company significant revenue, it also serves as a declaration of divorce between the social network and publishers.

These know that the page has general news and a lot of blogging to spend big bucks for promotion of the contents published by the bring visits, since the size of the access will be more, it may not push these to continue to promote the paid to the publication of their may even push them towards the exit of the back door and invest in rival platforms, most notably Twitter.

Days passed declaration that the policy interpretations were negative in responding The Wall Street with the sale of the shares and the decline fortune of the founder and the value of Facebook.

Then the company decided to take new resolutions implementation reports which concluded that the withdrawal of the news sector, the first decision is to display news from reliable sources.


  • Display news from reliable sources and to eliminate the news counterfeit

You want Facebook to work on the news show to the users, it is aware that many of them use its platform to gain access to links to blogs and articles on the web and even access to publications newsletters written and visual materials available on the platform.

But as we pointed out earlier, the charges that the hills of this social network to work to mislead the public opinion and the need of democracy must find a solution to the problem of the news fake.

The solution in the eyes of the American police is to display news from reliable sources, but even sources known to publish news fake this is a real problem plaguing the industry news a long time ago.

The second problem in this thesis that users will choose to view the news usually from the famous sites and news giant, what about the publisher’s new? Rookie? A number of them publish good content and professional and enjoy the company on the product, probably because it is not used to address misinformation and the news is fake!


  • Focus on local news without global users

Usually Mark Zuckerberg to talk about the policy of Facebook at his personal page this time with a new publication, in which he said that there is a new update to the algorithm the main page, or otherwise the news will know the importance of the local news.

This decision comes contrary to the previous algorithm, which pointed out then that the news content of the news does not allow users to communicate with each other and it irks users.

Justify undo the previous resolution and the new resolution is that users need to follow the local news and participation in the industry event.

The algorithm next will be the importance of the pages that publish the local news, for example if the UAE newspaper have a public page on Facebook and on the news Emirates will be the publication of its fans and fans of the Emirates in the first place.

Policy related will help users to find out what’s happening near them and around them, means that users in each region will be displayed the news on their geographical location.

The news of the other regions and global news, you won’t often appear, their percentage will be lower or perhaps non-existent in the case of many publications, friends, health, and general local news.

This resolution comes in parallel with the test feature called today in which a tab will appear in the list of services the application and site also.

It is expected that the police know in this tab the latest local news according to the user’s geographical location, which is about the publications and links to news new pages that are made available by the user may also have news pages is not available.

We don’t know a lot about this feature but still will certainly be a gain for pages of news sites, blogs, specialized news outlets and specific.

But the question remains is how the company will users using this feature in a lot of features that can be accessed from the list of options which includes but not limited to, the Department sets the buying and selling and also the weather, and in this day and other services.

It is not unlikely that this will be a reality space show ads to news publications of interest to users, and will be a favorite for lovers of news who may not like them so much publications friends and their political.


  • Facebook and the desire to keep the publishers

I’ve always wanted Facebook to be the first source for news and move news between the people have turned to it, the manual is a big influence on the results of the U.S. elections.

She has worked in social network is the largest in the world to attract the publishers of Marketing content and training that they post.

And turned to the source of the essential visits for many of the news networks on the internet, blogs, and succeeded in building a relationship based on the treatment of win-win with publishers by helping them to diversify traffic sources and achieve better profits.

While follow the news and find the new content keep users on Facebook for a long time, helped revenues and profits of the company to grow and flourish without expectations.

Indeed, a lot of publishers, especially large are also advertisers have facebook and they spend big bucks to bring in visits, this is an additional reason to make the police retreat from the decision to suppress news and to version new update will be released in the coming weeks will be news to the main page.


  • Strong competition against Google and twitter on the news

Have Google Service Google News also launched an update to apply search engine known through the latest search results for topics of interest to users that keep them in the service of his away from the crawled Facebook.

Still a lot of people are using Google search services to get access to the latest content and news new follow events in real time.

As for Twitter, it is the favorite American president, which is involved in the event industry by the statements of the celebrity and tweets that are published and which attracted the attention of the media and public opinion.

In addition to the above, the micro-blogging platform is with the publishers not who race in the news coverage on the pages of their site.

And don’t forget the competition also with news applications that collect news from blogs and websites and try to swim to that area in the coverage reserve.

All these parties compete on the field is essential and vital the internet is the news industry that require day after day and match the publishers to publish the latest news, analysis and exclusive details before the competitors.


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