Updated search engine Google comes in and in the technique of artificial intelligence to perceive the questions the user

Use Google to determine the search engine to support the user optimally in the next period, which is scheduled to invite the search engine perceive the questions of the user to respond to them with the support of technology artificial intelligence.

Is Google’s search tool most commonly used in all over the world, and in a new announcement from Google today, the company has indicated to its plans to bring a new upgrade to the search engine to improve the services of the company.

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Google announced its plans to support the search engine Google will soon raise a new technique in artificial intelligence to support the search engine in the awareness and understanding of the questions posed by the user, where he is scheduled to work machine learning technology to recognize words in user questions.

It is provided according to statements by Google to test new technology throughout the factor full, that is the development of this technical realization of words in phrases and linked, with analysis of the words subsequent to the former in phrases to make sure to realize the meaning of phrases and questions to optimize it, and then push the reply best suited to the user.

Also the user can pick the most important words when searching, to the search engine to gather the words and identifying results most appropriate to the topic focus of the search.


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