Updated package for augmented reality ARCore brings the application of the Measure for

Google Measure is a digital tool to measure the dimensions of areas depending on the camera smart phone support to actually deliver the enhanced.

Google launched a new update to apply its Measure to make it available to a greater number of smartphones through integration with packages augmented reality of Google ARCore and a large number of smart phones increased by Android draw 7.0 at least after it was available for a limited number of smart phones in the past.

The app uses the phone’s camera to measure the dimensions of areas and surfaces based on two tools exist within the application to measure the length and width, allowing the user through the property listing and the seizure of these tapes and at the end of its to measure something. It also provides the user the possibility of measuring the dimensions in the pictures taken beforehand.

You download the package ARCore 2.0 and apply the Measure on my phone LG V30 ThinQ running Android oreo 8.0, and my first impression is that the app is fairly good and gives acceptable results and works best in good lighting conditions, surfaces clean and fixed. But in return still needs a lot of development, which is what we expect from Google in the next few months.

If you have a smart phone that supports the characteristics of augmented reality and by Android we direct at least 7.0, you can download a pack of augmented reality ARCore 2.0 application Google Measure via the Google Play Store official.

Download the app and we shared your experience in the comments


The update package for augmented reality ARCore brings the application of the Measure for the auction was published first in are.

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