Updated application “Google Photos” for Android will save you traffic and money

Over the weekend Google released an updated version of “Google Photos”. Among other innovations, that the developers of the search giant has prepared for the users was unremarkable, but extremely useful feature Express up. Through its implementation, Google expects to reduce the amount of traffic required to upload new photos and videos to the cloud.

The essence of the function of the Express copy is compressing the resolution of photos uploaded to Google Photos, to 3 MP instead of the standard 16 MP. Despite this, special algorithms involved in the compression process, try to keep the image quality at a high level without having a negative effect on its clarity. To verify this, just in the settings to change the preferred compression method for the new.

Why the function of Express copy

The introduction of the Express option on the copy actually opens the service again for many categories of users. Innovation not only allows to refuse from wifi when uploading photos and videos, which are also compressed to the standard, but also saves a lot of traffic for those who have it is limited. In the conditions of constantly growing prices for mobile Internet, see in Russia, this feature is a real godsend.

And in case you have every MB Google developers made it possible to limit consumption by the application traffic to five megabytes. This innovation will be very opportunely when traveling abroad, where, as a rule, are predatory conditions of access to the Network. Known cases, when people get into huge debts to the operator due to the active backup feature and auto-update apps.

If the innovations are still inaccessible to you, do not worry. As a rule, Google distributes the updates gradually. Most likely, new functions will be at your disposal until the end of the week.

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App: Google Photos

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Photography
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 64 human

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