Update your OneDrive for Windows 10 saves backup data and media automatically

تحديث OneDrive الجديد لويندوز 10 يحفظ نسخة احتياطية للبيانات والوسائط تلقائياًMicrosoft launched a new feature to strengthen the conservation and protection of files via OneDrive, this feature to sync save files, photos and documents automatically to the cloud service, which is which to save the important files by making a backup copy (Backup) on the Cloud Platform.

This property is also the work of users, which they use more than one device running Windows 10, where the service to provide the synchronization mechanism to save all the files on OneDrive from all of their devices is different, so the user can access the file its in an easier way and less time.

Microsoft has launched a property by those in the conservation and protection of the data, in the month of June last, and was limited to users in the field of business, apply right now for ordinary users.

This feature can be enabled for the cloud, by entering the list of characteristics for OneDrive, moving to the bar to auto-save, and then click on the option to update the files at the bottom of the option to save your important files.

Thus you will add your important files from photos, documents and desktop, and save them automatically with sync system.

This wonderful feature from Microsoft, you will welcomed by most users of Windows 10 certainly, they facilitate the conservation and protection of their files and access them away from the traditional methods.

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