Update WhatsApp the latter protects you from the volunteers better

Application WhatsApp -owned by Facebook – has a very large number of users compared with apps messaging the other as it is fit for all types of correspondence, especially after the launch of WhatsApp for business two years ago, perhaps one of the most important features of WhatsApp are feature chat groups which allow for a large number of users to communicate together for any reason.

Perhaps the worst thing about group chats is that they don’t include any privacy settings where anyone can add you to any group he wants so long as it from your contacts! This fortunately will start to change with the new update time enrollment.

The new update which began to arrive gradually for Android phones and iOS will feature to specify who can add you to groups chat will let you access this feature through Settings – Account – Privacy Privacy this time made available to you in the new update which will happen in the coming weeks.

Source: TechRadar

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