Update WhatsApp killer for Android will constantly run videos after exiting the app!

According to the latest reports, the update WhatsApp New coming soon Android users will run the video clips in a window outside after you exit from the app through PiP mode .

تحديث واتساب القادم سيسمح باستمرار تشغيل مقاطع الفيديو بعد الخروج من التطبيق

Update WhatsApp next will constantly play video clips after getting out of the app

Was WhatsApp had launched the PiP mode on the iPhone the first time in May of last year, then expanded this feature to run application WhatsApp on Android operating system in December 2018.

But PiP mode on Android is running the video inside the conversation only, which operate WhatsApp on the now by version new demo.

With the demo version 2.19.86 of WhatsApp for Android, the company is improving the status of the PiP so that it works similar to how it works on iOS, where PiP mode in video playback in a small window if you get out of the chat, or save in the pages of the application, or even moved to another application, which is not available on Android system so far.

Update WhatsApp the latter is still under testing, so it is not available for all the Android users currently, but expected to reach all users over the next few days.

It says WhatsApp also apply a new feature with this demo version, which is the operation of voice messages, cascading automatically, this feature was developed since November last year and is now enabled for users.

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