Update watchOS 5.2 brings the application of ECG for Apple in Europe and Hong Kong

Start Apple in the coming period in the expansion of the publishing feature to monitor the ECG in an hour it smart by updating watchOS 5.2 which brings the application of ECG for Apple in Europe and Hong Kong.

Apple Watch Series 4 -ECG

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After the launch of Apple update iOS 12.2 recently also started to pay update watchOS 5.2 users hours Apple smartphone, which brings the application of ECG for users of the previous smart in 19 European countries, along with Hong Kong.

The list of 19 states which get updated watchOS 5.2 each of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, along with Sweden and Switzerland.

It is estimated that the application of the ECG read ECG on Apple Watch Smart Series 4 at any time, with the possibility to save changes to the condition of the heart in the application of the Health on the iPhone, as the user can view the PDF files of the status and ECG with your doctor.

Also comes update monitor the rhythm of irregular heartbeat and then send alerts to the user, where this feature comes for the first version of hours Apple Series 1 and subsequent versions, as this feature works to monitor the condition of heart rhythm in the screen background in 5 times of examination, and also when monitoring irregular heart rhythm during a 65-minute works to alert the user notices.

Also comes update watchOS 5.2 support the new version of the Bluetooth Apple wireless AirPods, apply Apple News Apple News+, along with a new set of their smart watch.


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