Update to the Pushbullet app comes with a new design with support for Dark Mode and more

تحديث تطبيق Pushbullet يأتي بتصميم جديد مع دعم الوضع المظلم وأكثر

The application Pushbullet is one of the first applications that have been successful in facilitating access to notifications Android, as using the app can sync notifications with your computer and handle it from there, in another topic over the past two years slowed down the development of the app was seen updates to many, but today I got the app on the Renaissance and through the update Master Chief came with a lot of the new additions to Android.

Where you will notice that it has been re-designed app from the ground up, has become depends on the design of Material Design, as well as the advantage of Night Mode and symbols of integration and new icons and all that with an easy interface development.

تحديث تطبيق Pushbullet يأتي بتصميم جديد مع دعم الوضع المظلم وأكثر

After the downloading for the update, you will notice that the white color more than is happening with the old version, but still the green color adopted by the application is available in the places few, you will notice that the navigation menu has been replaced by the terms bottom, that disappears the ribbon when you open the keyboard.

As we have indicated there is support code adaptation, where the user can now modify the shape and appearance of the icon of the main application, as well as support for Dark Mode which results in most application developers these days, however this last feature available on the paid version, and finally update the Pushbullet up gradually to users, so you can download it by navigating to the page from the shop on Google Play from here, or you can download it via file the APK from here.

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