Update to add Adblock Plus makes it faster, blocks ads and lighter on the situation

The company launched a developer to add ad-blocking Adblock Plus the new update which makes it faster and five times to recognize advertisements in web pages and to ban them, as they need 60% less resources for processing what makes it lighter on the consumption of processor resources in browsers that are considered voracious of resources such as Chrome.

By accelerating the process of exploring the block ads will load web pages faster than the previous, as to save the consumption of processor resources means the availability of more resources to address the rest of the components of the web pages is what makes downloaded and processed faster thus the movement of the largest string in the page.

Select the Add-On filters to identify advertising content in other languages is what allows it to work more efficiently in more locations.

Think add Adblock Plus months tools the Prohibition of advertising where she has hundreds of millions of users, in the export statistics official since mid-2016 had more than a hundred million users, it is available on all famous browsers including edge and Safari and even browsers lesser-known such as Yandex, is also available on smart phones and Browser their except Chrome, it has its own browser.

The new version 3.5 is available to download for free from the company’s website.

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