Update Tkeycoin has increased the capacity of the project

The company TKEY DMCC conducted a large-scale project Obnovlenie Tkeycoin and its technological component. Important changes occurred at all levels, from the design and content of the official network share tkeycoin.comto architecture of Protocol mining. All the updates are already available.

The company Tkeycoin said that the decision to update the platform was not spontaneous. A large part of innovations and revisions are made on the basis of long-term studies of the competitive environment, conclusions and predictions obtained through professional analysis of the cryptocurrency market. In updates of the project Tkeycoin there is a clear phased plan of actions aimed at expanding and improving the platform.

Through updates, the developers have stuck to the belief that the platform should be convenient, transparent, and most importantly – helpful for each participant to the global blockchain system Tkeycoin. Therefore, the first thing that draws attention to itself, is a completely new website design. The purpose of change and transformation here was the need to make the project more informative, maximally recognizable, focused on civil society. The interface provides easy access to information that is understandable and comfortable for each participant of the network from anywhere in the world. In addition to purely practical purposes, the new design is also aimed at solving branding and marketing challenges.

Because Tkeycoin creates world-class products in the field of payments, calculations, storage and transfer of funds, the level of its services must not only correspond to the world’s canons, but also to strive for their excellence. After upgrading the Protocol kYprotocol became even faster and more secure. Unique solutions for instant transfer of information and payments are now available not only for civil but also for the banking and corporate sector. Procedure standard Bank Tkeycoin does not involve the participation of intermediaries, restrictions on the transfer amount, filing papers, so they are easier, faster, cheaper and more reliable than traditional.

New architecture for Protocol mining, which strengthened its safety and efficacy, abolished the threshold of access, which previously was 3000 TCD. The changes affected ICO-portal, which has become more information about the product. For all became available Whitelist, where you can apply to receive a 30% bonus when buying Tkeycoin. On the site there were sections with technical information, training materials, manuals for use of the platform. A separate section is devoted to acquaintance with 2 offices in Moscow and Dubai. Further upgrade of the system and point to reconfigure the products will be carried out systematically, similar to Microsoft, Apple, IBM and other brands.

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