Update there supports the replacement of the media sent by mistake and

Got messaging application there today on the new update supports the Android operating system and iOS, has raised the number released to the Telegram 4.8.10, turn this update added many new things and at the same time, the most notable feature of replacement media sent by mistake, and the option to mark a chat as read or unread from the list by a property click prolonged.

Now you can choose which data you want to send when you share contacts, including phone numbers and multiple fields and the vCard the other, with the added feature of captions for anything he had nothing before, and of course this feature is aligned with a replacement media sent by mistake. dedicated to people who send pictures unintentional, see below how that can be.

تحديث تيليجرام يدعم استبدال الوسائط المُرسلة بالخطأ والمزيد

Not only this, but provided the update Telegram 4.8.10 cancel messages before send and listen to messages, audio and video in mode 2X if you are in a hurry, and the establishment of a link in a list formatting to create URLs for people, as well as improvements on the app as a whole and specifically to improve the user experience when browsing the search results world, and the most important preview of the chat by clicking on the profile picture in the main menu.

Finally, it must be the update is currently available on the page of the application there in the store Google Play, if you can’t get it or you do not have currently, you can install it via File the APK from here, to make it on iOS go from here.

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