Update the latest phone Blackberry KEYone is prohibited to improve the Android Oreo


I started a company BlackBerry has released the update new phone the Blackberry KEYone. This update that is being released currently in many regions, including Canada and the United States of America with a size of 17 MB and the build number ABA676.

As for the cars that come by this update, there’s not much is known, except for the fact that he updated the formulation to prepare the device to receive the update Android 8.0 Oreo the most important. It is worth noting that those who have installed the update to see the error in the beginning, but the installation process is completed successfully after you restart the device. So keep that in mind during the installation of the update.

Regarding the update to Android Oreo, there is not any information currently about the release date of this update the phone Blackberry KEYone, but some telecommunications companies have hinted that it will be released in the near future. Given that the last update prohibited for the access of the phone on Android Oreo, it is logical to say that millions of phone Blackberry KEYone they won’t have to wait for a long time before getting the update.



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