Update the application contacts Google calculates the settings of your dark mode

تحديث تطبيق جهات اتصال قوقل يُحسّن من إعدادات الوضع المظلم

Been a few months since we announced Google allow Dark Mode on the app “Contacts”, which led to mitigate the glare emanating from the screen on the eyes, as well as take advantage of the new appearance and most importantly the provision of a battery especially on OLED screens, have now been made available a new update for the campaign version number of the Contact v3.5.7, in which the optimized settings to dark mode, with the presence of minor add-ons is stated between the lines.

Before mentioned improvements, in the past all application have the option to switch time dark from the side menu, and with the operation of the user for the “Save the battery” available by default on the system, the dark mode will remain active even if the user’s desire to activate the feature of white, thus in that stage the user can disable dark mode only in the case of the What if someone unplugs it off.

Now been tuning things, where in choose the appearance of the side menu for the application, you will be able to impose the situation dark or white regardless of the settings of the system, with the presence of a third option which is to follow the system attribute of the default, in other words in case you choose the white theme will not speak to the application time of the dark when you run the feature to “save battery”.

Also ensures that version changes are simple, the first avatar of the interim become a smaller size, the second is the button floating, where a now contains the text “edit contact”, which makes the purpose clearer instead of an old pen, finally the update arrive gradually to the users on the store Google Play, in the case of non-arrival for you, simply download the file the APK from here.

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