Update Telegram now supports the abolition of the sending of the messages that I received and more

تحديث تيليجرام يدعم الآن إلغاء إرسال الرسائل التي تلقيتها وأكثر

Periodically leading a team to service messaging rich from the definition “Telegram”, and in the benefits of the new additions to the service, whether on the desktop or on the app than on mobile phones, today and in the new update for the holds the version number of the Telegram 5.5, has been to grant users full control over any private conversation they have, where the user will be able to delete any message sent or received from all sides, therefore the disappearance of the messages you and the other one without leaving any trace.

As the company noted that this feature no time limit, with the possibility to delete any private chat completely from your device and the other person in just two clicks, and to increase fertility, has been the introduction of a feature to restrict the redirection of messages, where when enabled, this setting will not return your messages that have been re-routed to your account, instead it will display the name is not clickable.

تحديث تيليجرام يدعم الآن إلغاء إرسال الرسائل التي تلقيتها وأكثر

Given the increase in the size of the settings options in the app, added a search box lets you find any setting you need quickly, as well as its support to view the answers to any questions regarding their, and do not stop at this limit, it has become the app supports watching the video and animated GIF without having to wait for the download completes.

تحديث تيليجرام يدعم الآن إلغاء إرسال الرسائل التي تلقيتها وأكثر

It is on the Android platform only, you can now use the keywords in several languages to find any emoji, you’ll also find a list of emoji relevant when writing a message, and if you are interested in having symbols expressive enough to be sent without any accompanying text, The Emoji bigger in the chat.

Finally added support for access, where on iOS there is support for VoiceOver, and on Android there is support for TalkBack, where will give you these techniques based on gestures and remarks spoken so that you can use the app without seeing the screen.

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