Update shocking time enrollment eliminates the message encryption end to end encryption

تشفير الرسائل

According to the Orda website express about intention of fact students add many more in the coming days for the investigation to the complainant those benefits that you expect on Messenger, which is available with the abandonment of encryption security messages to complete and the addition of those advantages !

The news is shocking after this period that settled in the case that the application WhatsApp is the most secure and between applications and any case of interception of messages exchanged between equal worlds.
New features don’t correspond and the system of the present consultation by the report and should be abandoned and replaced in the traditional protection for the messages “password” to prevent extremists but it does not intercept messages by governments, and the primary thing the owners of the goods.

It is worth mentioning that the system of the present consultation it is impossible to access to the messages anyway, even based on the app’s servers, they can’t because the messages transmitted are encrypted from the sender to the future that the app works automatically to decrypt it without interference from anyone.

This step I was, it seems, we are facing a paradigm shift in the version of the app next will be a test of the popularity of the app among users, but in return we have to realize that intercept messages exchanged via communication applications is not easy or trivial. Went to stealth and minds of one of those which suggest us that she is able to observe us and control what we do on the network.

Until then, and I do actually answer what you’re saying, would be to talk against another.

Update shocking time enrollment eliminates the message encryption end to end encryption

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