Update Night Mode in the Twitter for iOS brings the Black color

تحديث الوضع الليلي في تويتر على iOS يجلب اللون الأسود

Sent Twitter a new update to its application on iOS and this time for the user interface, added the possibility to change the shape of the night mode from dark blue to black color in full, which is the first time that changes in color fully since the launch of the water in 2016.

Thus the user can stay on the dark blue color with Gray in Legacy Mode or change it completely to black to be more a manifestation of symbols and the details of the screen content on the app.

Since the water available to the development of Twitter on iOS they will come to the Android system, but probably not soon, since that feature Night Mode arena that started on iOS in 2016, but it has reached the Android platform in the following year 2017.

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