Update Lights Out Night on Twitter begins to reach all users!

Offers a Twitter application on the system running the Android and iOS style with dark a long time ago, only that this style of the Dark is not Night Mode which is in the applications currently, the fact that Twitter didn’t have a night mode so only two days.

طريقة تفعيل وضع Lights Out الليلي الجديد على تطبيق تويترWay to put Lights Out the night of the new Twitter application

The difference between the dark and The Beast new on Twitter

We spotted you a couple days ago work Twitter put Lily real name, Lights Out and now the app started sending the update firmware to the new situation to many users, and may meet it on the other in knowing the importance of the new situation and why it differs from the situation of dark current.

Mode Dark Current depends on the switch the white color in the app to the dark blue color shows the pixels on the screens of AMOLED, illuminating in dark blue.

In the night mode the canonical mode or Lights Out new on Twitter, it is replaced by the dark blue color in Black completely, which doesn’t need the screen to lighting effectively.

Actually AMOLED screens have black color as fire lighting, that reduced the screen its completely thus appears that the color black which saves energy and certainly keeps the eye better.

This is the essential difference between the dark current on Twitter and night the new.

Way to put in Lights Out new on Twitter

Head to the App Store and check for updates for the application, and make sure you get the version 8.18.0 or the latest app installed on your device.

Once you install the app you will need to force stop on the application of Twitter through to the Settings then applications then Twitter application on your phone.

Then choose turn off forced on, Force Stop, it will stop the app.

Choice of the place of storage, choose Clear Cache.

Then open the Twitter application will provide you the option of appearance of the dark mode, and clicking it will show the two options are : Dim and Lights Out .

The following image shows the difference between Dim and Lights Out for clarification:


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