Update iOS 12.2 reveals some details of the headset Beats next

Monitoring 9to5Mac some details about headset Apple coming from Mark Beats commercial in the update iOS 12.2, where the headphone Powerbeats Pro design trying headphones Powerbeats 3, which launched in 2016, they feature a design wireless.

Powerbeats Pro

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Receive the mark of the Beats for Apple to launch a new version of heaven knows now headphones Powerbeats Pro, where appeared some details about the new headset in the update iOS 12.2, which confirmed that Apple offered this version design wireless style headset AirPods.

Featuring a fish design trying headphones Powerbeats 3, which launched in 2016, however, this version of wireless is definitely different in the removal of the speaker cable, as it comes in the portfolio of the company, but cannot confirm right now on the wireless charging feature.

On the other hand, didn’t come leaks, 9to5Mac reports a lot of technical details in the specification of the handset, but the leaks confirmed to support fish assistant Siri virtual compact which responds to the phrase “Hey Siri”, which is one of the most important features that came in the new generation of headset AirPods recently.

Also in another report from CNET pointed out that this version features the processor chip used in the AirPods a chip H1, the terms of the decision that supports this chip longer battery life.

Recall that this version of the headphones Beats designed to support users of the athletes choose the latest in wireless headsets with the headset AirPods, also is expected to be official disclosure from the sky during the month of April, and the level of pricing the phone for $ 200.


I know of

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