Update iOS 12.1 improves the front camera on the iPhone XS

Found users of the iPhone XS experience the front camera is non-realistic as desired since the purchase of the phone, has exposed Apple to criticism because of the camera make your selfies more smoothness to hide all the impurities, which we see within the filters some other phones, but Apple always insists that she doesn’t use similar techniques, according to The Verge.

But Apple seems she knew the problem, she said she’d get it updated with the upcoming operating system iOS 12.1, so that the problem in the system, HDR image processing work to make the image softer than desired.

This is according to the company applies to the iPhone XR which apply soon, as the iOS version 12.1 will work to overcome the problem of images becoming more realistic. This version will be available soon, and that is in demo mode currently.

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