Update Instagram where they will be sitting property talks video filters, a new camera

إنستقرام - المكالمات الجماعية

The company announced Instagram where they about important updates for their application, where the added feature of video conversations within the messages and many of the filters of the camera, next to add other features to improve the app and make it more enjoyable for the users in general.

Published the company, users will be able to conduct video conversations in private messages, this will not be limited to conversation with a single person, but users will be able to make group video calls smoothly and easy, as was the case with Messenger Facebook.

For the property new, all you have to do is open messages and then select the person to make conversation with him, and then will appear the icon of the video at the top of the app, where once pressed it will start the conversation.

And the update is available on the video calls, where it added new effects for the camera but it will be exclusively at the current time, users who follow the accounts of singer Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Lisa Cochin, and babbitt aryl, calculate the Basketball Association of America. Where will the effects prevent the following or will be following those accounts currently.

The company added also a new way to become content and accounts on page exploration (Explorer), so you can make the content more personal and the quality of the content you want every user to share.


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