Update for”WhatsApp” carries his fingerprint can capture the screen shot of the talks can enter a non-owner!

Confirmed reports work with Whatsapp WhatsApp on new updates to apply, will provide the application of the imprint of the fingers of the user, thus prevent others from reviewing his talks on the application if they managed to get his phone and access.

Reports said that the new updates, expected to hit app soon, will User the app is also the possibility of securing a conversation a particular insight of his fingers, no one can see it without his consent.

Published one of the reports already snapshot of the updated version of the application WhatsApp, which tells the user to activate the protection feature fingerprint fingerprint security, and tell him that protection fingerprint will not prevent the user from replying to messages which we receive and respond to calls during the activation of the protection mode fingerprint, but it can’t capture the screen shot of these conversations.

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