Update for Gmail reveals new features facilitate the use of his

The company launched the Google new update the application “Gmail” on the Android platform, which allows users to customize the feature “fast scrolling”, which relates to the provision of a lot of different options such as the ability to delete a message quickly or postponed for later viewing and other things.

According to published by website The Verge of the American it can be for the users of Gmail now make scrolling customizable on the Android platform, where users can customize a scrolling gesture on the right or left and choose either delete a message or mark one as read or not read, transfer, or postpone or archive and Other Other options.

Users can customize this new option by opening the Gmail app, then Settings, then general settings, and the swipe actions, and chooses the action that wants to perform the scroll for you, but unfortunately, did not come to the option of customization to the operating system iOS at the moment, but should arrive soon.


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