Update for Galaxy A50 to solve the problem of fingerprint

As came comments and review of your particular phone, the new Samsung Galaxy A50 when get a problem in fingerprint built-in screen phone. And about the delay in response and to identify the user’s fingerprint for more than attempt.

Came response to Samsung about this problem and it’s overtaken by updating new system raises the efficiency of the work of calculating the footprint, the update carries the description of the update for the month of March, became available for download over the air for many states, but not yet available in the Arab region, but in all the dreams coming through.

Update the size of 437 MB, you can choose to save it in case you didn’t know you System any messages in this regard that clicking on the Software update.

To solve this problem the insight that annoy a lot of users there is no longer a Maine photo this phone in its class in terms of specifications and price.

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