Update browser Microsoft Edge with the feature fight news counterfeit “NewsGuard”

تحديث متصفّح مايكروسوفت إيدج مع ميزة محاربة الأخبار المزورة "NewsGuard"

One of the most important key issues that affect companies as well as society in general is the news fake or what is called the health information, where they seek platforms to fight the news is fake to prevent this news by adding filters, but unfortunately nothing is 100% effective, and the plans of its Let me know Microsoft’s war on the news of fraudulent by advantage of its new NewsGuard on Browser its edge.

Where the first and foremost aim of this feature to identify the news counterfeit and prevent it from spreading among consumers, in this regard, Microsoft says that a special working group composed of local trainers and they’re basically journalists with experience, who will work on the top of the hour for news counterfeit.

In the same context the company also noted that “these journalists, they search for brands of news online to help the readers and viewers to know the business health of legitimate and they are not as well.”

Finally update the Microsoft Edge currently available officially for Android users, is expected to arrive soon for users of the system other iOS, where Microsoft is currently testing to feature on the iOS.

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