Update Android Q brings pattern Android desktop to support multiple monitors later

Monitoring of some of the developers of one of the nurses blocked in update Android Q, where Google is preparing to bring pattern Android desktop in the next version to support multiple monitors in the new versions of smart phones.

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There is no doubt that new versions of phones collapsible or possible more than screen require updated software to provide better performance, and has headed both the Samsung and Huawei already develop software in accordance with the system’s multi-screen, today reveals new leaks about the new style in the updated Android Q support for multiple monitors also during the coming period.

Has revealed a group of developers and companies to update Android Q about the new style know pattern Android desktop, which is still blocked in the current time, where did not provide Google any details about this pattern during a conference of developers Google I/O 2019 which was held recently.

Confirm the leaks that Google is already working at present on developing a pattern Android desktop, also began to encourage application developers to develop applications that are compatible with this style in the future,

And it was style Desktop Mode focus of attention of the developers during the financial period, given the importance of this style of phones with the folding, or feature phones to the network of multiple, coupled devices are possible with large companies, where the applications are developed to conform to work efficiently on these screens are non-traditional.


I know of

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