Update Android 9 Pie will be released soon to the phone gaming Asus ROG Phone

Asus ROG Phone

Asus ROG Phone which is one of the best phones games that were released in the year 2018, still waiting to get updated to Android 9 Pie, but it seems that the wait will not be long. I have been monitoring this phone in the platform performance tests Geekbench it works with the newest version of Android, a subsidiary of Google.

The information listed on the platform performance tests Geekbench show that the phone Asus ROG Phone Android 9 Pie, and it achieved the same results achieved by this phone is running Android Oreo. Thus, this means that the Asus close to end the process of the development of the updated Android 9 Pie for this phone.

However, the movie reveals to us the Asus any time frame yet, but we hope it will not be long before you begin Asus released an update for Android 9 Pie official Phone Asus ROG Phone. Generally, you can be assured we’ll let you know when that happens.


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