Update Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy J6 began to practise his way to more areas

Galaxy J6

Two weeks ago, Samsung released an update for Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy J6 in both Italy and Brazil. Now, I’ve decided the South Korean company to extend the scope of this update after you decided to bring it to India also. Given that this update has arrived in India. now, we believe it only a matter of time before this update for your phone Galaxy J6 in more areas.

As you can expect, this update brings with it all the features developed by Google Inc. in Android 9 Pie, brings with it the duty of One UI to the latest from Samsung, as well as security fixes for the month of March. As we have just indicated, the phone Galaxy J6 got updated with Android 9 Pie new security fixes for the month of March instead of the security fixes for the month of April obtained by the phone Galaxy J8. Given that this phone is included with the smart phones that you get security updates quarterly, it should be on this phone stops getting security fixes following after a lapse of three months from now.

Apparently, being the version update Android 9 Pie phone Galaxy J6 on the stages, so if you didn’t get this update until now and in the next few days, don’t worry because this update will reach your device sooner or later.


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