Unwanted calls have grown by 300% globally in 2018

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The service definition callers Truecaller issued a new report detailing that the nuisance calls has grown by a staggering 300 percent in 2018. What’s very interesting is that while the increased proportion of unwanted calls dramatically all over the world this year, there has been a slight decrease in the United States of America.

Truecaller is an application used by many people on their smart phones to block unwanted calls. It also contains a guide to discover the identity of the caller so that the application can search for caller ID in its database to make sure there is a match. According to Truecaller, it says it has been blocked and more than 17.1 million unwanted calls by application in 2018 while the identification of more than 74.1 million calls in general.

Came to India at the head of the list of countries affected by unwanted calls in the year 2017, has been overtaken by Brazil now. Receive the average users of Truecaller in this country 37.5 unwanted calls each month. Thus Brazil has increased by 81 percent in the number of unwanted calls in one year.


On the other hand, dropped the United States from being the second country most affected by calls unwanted to second place in this list. Despite the low volume of unwanted calls, the United States is still deeply affected by the fraud over the phone. The report states that one out of every 10 adults Americans lost money because of the hoax phone call in the past 12 months. It is believed that the average loss per victim totaling 357 $ losses total cost estimated at $ 8.9 million.


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