Unofficial video review US phone rollaway Galaxy Fold which is under the action


More than a month before its launch in the United States, appeared a video clip of the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold which is under work on the internet. And in this video showing an unknown person using the device. This video was posted which has a two-minute from Vietnam presents us the phone which works both in the case where the folded or stretched out. One important detail in this video is the commercial clear in the center of the big screen which has a size of 7.3 inches, and it remains to be seen whether this trade will exist for the units offered for sale of the Galaxy Fold or not.

It seems that the weight distribution was strong, enabling the user folds the phone with one hand while it was flat on the table. From the sub-menu of the operating system, it seems that the Galaxy Fold that is running version 2.1 of the interface, One UI on Android 9 Pie. As all of you probably know, there are Galaxy Fold will have the newest and best components available in the market today such as the processor Snapdragon 855, the memory is random with a size of 12GB.

In general, the device looks surprising, as the mechanism of folding running smooth. Given that this technology is totally new, this makes them not cheap. Therefore, please respond when you hear that phone Galaxy Fold will cost you 1950$, but this price is still cheap when compared to the Huawei Mate X which is priced at around 2600 USD.


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