United States Air Force trained the use of aircraft, self-driving to save the pilots


The U.S. Air Force responded quickly when one of its aircraft fighting for. A team was sent immediately to the crash site to secure the wreckage and rescue the pilot. However, it can be difficult for the rescue team in case of danger due to the terrain and the weather, or because of the danger of enemy attacks. It ends up putting more lives at risk. To protect these lives, think about the U.S. Air Force now in the use of the aircraft independent of the order the tasks of rescue of the pilot.

Released report from the website of Aviation Week talking about the seam of the research laboratory of the US Air Force about the possibility of using aircraft to transport the pilot and other personnel on board the Air Force plane away from the crash site to keep them safe.

The description of vehicle restore individuals, as a small plane able to fly independently with a range of at least 100 miles while be able to land and takeoff with a small area. You should be able to transfer at least two people with one person maybe in the mobile medical or up to four people with 1400 pounds of equipment.

The aircraft must be self-driving and also able to work in all types of terrain, with a description of the Restore feature as one of the required elements ” but not as “. It is also referred to the necessity of issuing a low voice during takeoff and landing as one of the requirements.

So, will this plane independent to reduce costs compared to aircraft currently used in rescue missions. Going to be the air force able to launch more of them without endangering more lives at risk and may be able also to reduce the time it takes to restore individuals websites.

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