United Kingdom: Facebook note I collect Russian data in 2014

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المملكة المتحدة: فيسبوك علمت بجمع الروس للبيانات في 2014

Revealed documents acquired by the Parliament of the United Kingdom that the company Facebook was aware of prior to the process of data collection Russian in early 2014, according to an email from one of the engineers of the company, which warned Facebook in 2014 to users who have their headquarters in Russia apparently take advantage of the vast amounts of data from the site Daily, has been telling legislators from nine states to do so by MP Damian Collins Damian Collins, chairman of the committee of digital and cultural and front and sports in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the During a heated discussion about whether companies social media pose a threat to democracy.

Included interrogation session by members of the British House of Commons parliamentarians from eight other states to Richard Allan Richard Allan, the representative of the company, the heated arguments about a number of issues such as the failure of Facebook to take strict action against posts that incite hatred in Sri Lanka, and its efforts to protect the privacy of user data, and problems in relation to the accounts of counterfeit and misinformation, the slow pace of its efforts to improve the transparency of political ads, with the presence of an empty seat for Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder and CEO.

Asked Damian Collins, a company representative about obtaining comprehensive data in 2014, which has not been reported before, where he said: “warned engineer at Facebook the company during the month of October 2014 that the entities that have IP addresses Russ used application programming interface service Pinterest Pinterest to pull more than 3 billion data points per day from Facebook, you been reported to any external body at that time.”

Did Alan answer directly to the question, but after the meeting, confirmed that Facebook has already been investigated in the data collection, the company said: “the engineers who pointed out these concerns the primary research later in this and did not find any evidence on the activity of the Russian certain,” added a spokesperson that he had been investigating suspicious activity, and insisted that it was not a breach of data, and it requests data project for approximately 6 million element of the day, not 3 billion referred to by the engineer.

Description Alan data obtained by the Parliament of the United Kingdom of the founder of the US software company Six4Three contained important information about the resolutions of Facebook in relation to data privacy controls that led to the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, also include e-mail messages confidential between the senior executives, correspondence with Mark Zuckerberg as “a partial set of data obtained by the opponent”.

He explained to Damian Collins, in a press conference that he believes these documents are important and it aims to publish a collection of them after that convey personal details, he said: “the company is trying to Facebook to pretend that these are all false claims, or internal documents of the carefully selected are designed to give the wrong impression. I think that misrepresentation of these documents, I hope to be in a position to publish it very soon, within the next week or so”.

The MP said Paul Farrell Paul Farrelly during a hearing of the Council of the British House of Commons that the conduct of the company make him think of extortion, it was a major concern of the committee is the lack of control on Facebook, and asked political Singapore Edwin Tong Edwin Tong on the role and participation of Facebook in fomenting religious tensions in Sri Lanka, where the failure of the company upon its claim to remove them to the government to close down the organization.

He explained to Alan that he feels the danger of the occurrence of such things, seemed to agree with the calls for more regulation, despite the fact that Facebook has paid millions to exercise political pressure to reduce controls in all parts of the world, when asked what should Facebook do to prevent the use of their dissemination violations, said Alan, the company will need to make the controls stronger, but also need to be better controls of the legislators.

And Canadian political Charlie Angus, Charlie Angus company is widely respected for forging metrics watch the video presented by the advertisers, he also attacked the dominance of Facebook on the life online, through the platform, and the application share the photo in Instagram and messaging WhatsApp, said: “Facebook is the problem”, calling for the dismantling depending on the to possess unprecedented control over every form of communication and social discourse.

And hearing this latest blow to the inability of Facebook to protect users ‘ data after numerous violations such as the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica and penetrate login data earlier this year, and the biggest issue is that Facebook is facing the direction of its non-transparency with the public about the time of its interventions Russian, since Mark Zuckerberg rejected publicly the notion that the misinformation on the product may impact on the US presidential election for 2016.

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Chair Mark Zuckerberg empty during the hearing

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