Unit AWeber self-drive get on an investment of$ 1 million from the fund, see SoftBank with Toyota Denso

The CEO confirmed the purchase of the Uber House of sushi last night on the Access section of self-command in AWeber to invest $ 1 million by the fund, see SoftBank (SoftBank’s Vision Fund) which is not an investment SAR led by SoftBank plan with participation also from Toyota manufacture cars and Denso competent in the manufacture of auto parts.

Came to know the church about the value of the investment via a tweet on his personal account in Twitter to supplement in a pool of implementing partners into each of SoftBank, Toyota and Denso, where comes this investment period is where AWeber to ask its IPO during the current year after the submission of its leaves to the stock exchange official a short time ago in the desire to up the value of the market related to $ 120 million.

In the share of SoftBank of the total investment of $ 333 million while the share of Toyota Denso 666 billion, it is worth noting that AWeber has got a $ 500 million from Toyota as an investment in August last year in order to accelerate the efforts of self-driving that took the company considerable attention.

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