Uninstalling applications in Mac OS. Everything you need to know

As strange as that may sound, but remove apps in macOS is not as easy and simple as it may seem at first glance. The fact is that there are different categories of apps: programs installed from third-party sites, aggregators software from the Mac App store. In each case, complete removal of applications will require different actions from the user. Let’s deal with it.

We all know that deleting apps in macOS is very simple — the user only has to move a program icon to the trash. But is this method effective? As it turned out, not always. The fact that some large applications store their files outside their folders. Often residual files are found almost throughout the system — and in each case you have to remove manually.

This approach certainly has its advantages — because when you reinstall the app automatically picks up the required parameters. But it far not all and not always. So consider the correct and safe way to remove applications.

So, how to remove apps installed from the developer’s site or using aggregator software?

As a rule, most of the applications do not have their own “deinstallation”. But in some cases you can find them in the way.”dmg” together with the file of the application itself. In a different situation to take such a useful utility like App Cleaner. The idea of this program is not new — the application searches residual data throughout the system and safely removes them. Of course, if you have the necessary skills this procedure can be done with your hands, but what if the utility will handle this much faster?

  • Proceed to the developer’s website and downloaded AppCleaner utility. The program is absolutely free;
  • You should note that on the official website you can find multiple versions, you need to choose the right, depending on your macOS;
  • All that remains is to put this tool to the downloaded “Application”;
  • When you start, we meet a simple and minimalistic interface. To uninstall, move app in the window of the program.

  • The utility will produce a “smart” search, then we will be able to fully remove the app, with all residual data. Will only confirm the deletion. If necessary, some files or settings can be left untouched.

Note that this method can remove not only the programs but also all the installed plug-ins and widgets.

How to remove apps downloaded from the Mac App Store?

Here all is much easier — applications that such method does not store files in other folders. Everything you need is inside the apps themselves, resulting in the removal process will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users.

  • Startup Launchpad. It is here that we will be able to find all the installed programs and games.
  • Now you need to go to the mode “uninstall”. To do this, press and hold the touch on any of the icons. After a certain period of time, the icons will begin to “shiver”.
  • All that’s left is to click on the cross. After that the application will be uninstalled from your Mac.

Download App Cleaner from the official website of the developer.

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