Unemployment Saudi Arabia, sport, electronic and cartoon characters

Embraces the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the biggest Open Championship for amateurs in sports electronic simulation of animated characters since the founding of the Saudi Federation for sports mental, electronic, and in mid-November of the current.

On the sidelines of the tournament introduces famous performance is concentrated carbon, and global programs anime Japanese live links to theatre Mount Hall Ahsa headed by Tariq and Arab ways, the two bought the camera to compose and perform a large range of decals lyrics for children’s programmes and animation of the best known of Conan and Mowgli, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Captain Tsubasa and defeat the Thunder.

The rear mount next months World Heritage sites in Al-Ahsa custody of the Japanese in the period from 14 to 17 November, is effectively varied, starting with competitions, e-sports known as FIFA 19, the forest, and then, passing through a contest the representation of cartoon characters of Japanese (me), add to learn Japanese is held on the banks of the caves of the mountain.

Confirms the indicated algebra is a member of the board of management of the host that the definition of custody to the Japanese in the land of civilizations, Al-Ahsa, which included the recent list of the UNESCO regions World Heritage, an expression of the message of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states open to the civilization of peace-loving and dating.

Will be transferred to the competitions and events across channels, different media and chip enthusiasts and e-sports shows, anime, and recent statistics to believe Saudi Arabia, sales of electronic games in the Arab markets, topping China and the countries of the world then the United States that can compete with Japan ranked second, followed by the German market and the British.

In turn, confirmed Marwan, the people of the president of the development team that among the gifts and prizes that will be for the contestants and attendance policy the introduction of the Kei algebra, telephones, smart mobile and games the introduction of AAC and refreshments, as well as awards of cash value 140 thousand riyals, and policies under the consideration of the jury specialist, under the supervision and care of the Saudi Federation of sports mental and electronic.

And next to the Arab ways to seek the public a range of influencers in social media among them for example nice, and dragged, and the military, and the group of A. I. Shaw, the iconic mask that are interested in electronic games, animation Japanese.

It is expected to receive more than 30 thousand visitors during the 4 days, in several locations within the scope of the project including the cave of his known archaeological moderately temperature-summer and winter, and the Outdoor Theatre for shows and celebrities, animation, and unemployment, and Japan, kiosks, restaurants and cafes.

Recall that the event is called The Name Game Nation the expression of a pool fan games and competitions carbon, under the slogan “defect and Jock seen it?”.

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