Under test: Qi Aerista tool professional smart for tea lovers !

تحت الاختبار: Qi Aerista أداة احترافية ذكية لعشاق الشاي !

Is tea drink is one of the oldest beverages known by the ancient civilizations, the tea enjoys wide popularity among some Arab societies in particular where it is addressed many times throughout the day. Through a crowdfunding campaign very success was completed in the middle of last year, a small team of entrepreneurs from the lovers project tea, and possess professional experience of work in the preparation of the design and implementation of intelligent machine automatic specialising only in the preparation of tea. In the following lines, take a quick look at Qi Aerista: machine is smart, specialized in the preparation of tea automatically.

When flows Science in the preparation of tea

The beginning, if you’re someone who doesn’t know about tea but those bags ready-made this article is not for you. Is tea one of the drinks world that people in all continents, but a couple significant differences in terms of plant or plants used in its preparation. Prepared the organizers of the Qi Aerista standards accurate processing of 9 different types of tea and they said by incorporating them into the image programs automatic ready to prepare those different types of tea, in addition to the possibility to customize the way the fittings fully according to the wishes of the user in the case had the description of his own setup.

The machine accepts the tea leaves in their various forms, and interface using simple touch and includes 9 different programs are selected by touch, the user adds then the water and turn the machine on, and the rest is done automatically to the user on the jug of tea on according to his desire.

The idea of Qi Aerista on the presence of the compartment closed metal placed by the tea leaves say the device according to the programme that has been tuned to heat up water to a certain degree suitable for every description of tea recipes, and then pass hot water, steam room tea and mineral for a specific period commensurate with the quality of the leaves of the plant used screen printing to get it and then fill the pitcher to the network output. The device supports also the possibility to keep the hair warm by heated automatically at low temperature.

Tea Club: a community of tea lovers

Synchronises the device with a special application it works with the systems Android and iOS through Wi-Fi, can through the app to add own recipes to the method of processing additional types of tea, as well as full control of every recipe, in addition to the possibility to adjust the machine to operate according to the expectations of specific.

Been supplied to the application as well as what looks like a social network for tea lovers, so that they can of the users expressing an opinion on the different recipes as well as in species in which the infinite leaves of the plant of the user.

Among the many types that are supported by the device as a ready to green tea, black tea, Dark Tea Centre, the tea from the herbs.

Value effectively? Or fad technique?

Sold Qi Aerista at a price draw of $ 240 USD. If you own a small cafe that might be the best $ 240 will absolutely invest in your little project, the result which you get with the device are u tuned and balanced with the same bait every time without any intervention from your side. If you’re an amateur tea and who they eat many times every day, might be the device for you in case you are all the time tend to experience a different flavor, especially if you’re a fan of the use of herbs in the preparation of tea. Other than those cases, it is without doubt a fad a great technique to match it with admiration of the intervention of technology in every detail of our daily lives.

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