Under test: 2.0 Litratorch the source of the light versatile and suitable for all conditions

تحت الإختبار: 2.0 Litratorch مصدر ضوئي مُتعدد الاستخدامات ومُناسب لكافة الظروف

It is not usual to have to start for Choose a product background, product experience, but I think it appropriate here to do it. The growing popularity of in the recent hobby is often called”Active Photography” or photography of sports/ photography of activities or whatever it is labeled, if you are a fan of this hobby, this is the product that we choose today, LitraTorch, is undoubtedly the most suitable option for you in terms of providing the lighting you need for this type of photography. There are some other uses that you may need when you to this product, but it’s probably in our Arab region, where not gaining a sport bike popular adequate so far, there is no real justification for this source innovative scanning only a hobby of filming activities, comfortable growing.

The definition of the product and the external:

The resort offers LitraTorch 2.0 source optical micro intense but the lighting in the structure of the highly cross-resistant to all climatic conditions and others that may be exposed to when used in open spaces and sports and Hazardous Activities. This little lamp, which uses 16 light source LED, strongly lighting up to 800 lumens, the structure of the solid metal shock resistant in addition to the isolation of the fully dust-proof and fluid allows you to use it underwater at a depth of up to 20 meters.


While the fit LitraTorch 2.0 as a source of light for many applications, only the use it was designed for is to work as a flash illuminator to capture audio, video, and lighting in the case of cycling. For export corresponds to the optical source with the most accessories GoPro sports camera and IT equipment to work in the same way in the difficult conditions.

The light output for LitraTorch strain and the bright white color 5700K which is highly suitable for export purposes. He comes home accompanied by the Walk of the light fantastic I use it almost all the time, and you can also get a bunch of optical filters of multiple colors that you can with her to get light red, yellow, blue and different degrees of white light if you want to get it.

In general, you will get perfect quality and stiffness you feel from the first moment, and the lighting itself are a choice between 4 different modes are lighting connected strongly 100 lumens, 450 lumens, 800 lumen, or the illumination is intermittent, the control is carried out very simply by just one button around the upper of the Scout. In my personal experience, you can’t look to face light source with even lighting (100 lumens), it might be medium intensity 450 lumens is the most appropriate for most of the times when shooting in conditions of total darkness, and in that situation lasting internal battery for up to an hour. Holds the optical source internal battery is charged through USB cable, so that the product specification says that the battery lasts for eight hours in Lighting mode intermittent which is the appropriate mode for driving the bicycle at night and not to change. Button up also lights and lighting color according to battery charge level.


The LitraTorch 2.0 for sale via the company’s website at a price of 90 USD. In my estimation, the price is right for the extremely high that you get, although I in my personal experience I didn’t use it under water, however, for the structure too, I don’t think you never will face any problems related to tolerances and quality. The lighting is intense, impressive and equal distribution of bouquets include the virtually common optical excellent accessories to install the Scout magnetically, as well as on the case of your camera, fits this light source completely love the hobby of sports photography, especially of the limitless their GoPro camera, which I think is a wonderful addition to those of the camera, these specifically will value the actual product.

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