Uncover some of the mysterious things about using the Galaxy Fuld

Haven’t called Samsung, told reporters the experience of Galaxy Fuld removable bending, but the chief editor of the XDA Developers can communicate with users early on the phone and responded to some questions via Twitter.

The source confirmed that the Galaxy Fuld does not bend fully, he is closer to a folder to save documents from the book, where they keep a small opening when putting the crease.

He added that the Galaxy Fuld suffers from noticeable slow-down when transferring applications from phone mode to tablet and stated that the Chrome browser does not prevent visualization to full screen mode when switching to tablet mode occasionally; the first view a web page like in phone mode and then turning it to put the tablet.

He added that the definition of the screen because of the crease be noticeable in tablet mode, especially when you pass your finger on it, but not badly, and it is difficult to note the aliasing when you increase the screen brightness by greater than 70%.

When asked about the possibility of bending the device to keep it open to a certain degree, he replied that this is possible but the screen will be off, and therefore can’t use the phone on the body taken by the organs of the laptop.

He stressed that the young, foreign affairs, put the phone, it can perform the functions of any Android phone, view apps and games full, but will be difficult to play. And that it will enable preparation of different home screens for each mode.

The source added that the Galaxy Fuld uses the processor Snapdragon 855 km reported leaks and overall performance of comparable phone Galaxy +S10, and it is suspected One One UI 1.2. He pointed out that the speed of read and write data to the best in phone the midwife to bending thanks to its reliance on memory storage UFS 3.0 where enjoy fast read and write 1512 and 418 Meg MB per second respectively, which is better than the speed of the Galaxy +S10 that $ 950 306 Meg MB per second, respectively.

Finally, the source confirmed that the Galaxy Fuld user copy production, i.e., that the experience described is that expected to the user when the launch device.

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